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Products specifications

CASE 1021F

Is a detailed replica of the CASE 1021F in scale 1:50 with realistic and accurately features and details just like the real machine. The CASE 1021F has an adjustable excavating bucket that can be tilted and with an engine hood that can be opened. The model has also detailed hose, cables and hydraulic line placement.

The model has realistic features such as:
• Articulating front steering system
• Articulating rear axle
• Rotating wheels
• Fully functional hoist and bucket
• Realistic carbody detail
• Rubber tires
• Accurately replicated operator cab
• Accurate decal placement
• Detailed designed bucket and engine

A collectors item, not suitable for children under 14 years of age.
Article number
13798 (SOLD OUT)
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Model weight: 420g
Model size (LxWxH): 184x64x73 mm
Singel package size : 295x290x284 mm
Single package weight: 586g
Total package qty: 6
Total package weight: 4,15kg
EAN no: 7332502285016